Jack Moon: Etched in Grey



Check Jack Moon Out At: thedancingjackal.bandcamp.com

Listen to the Albun Here

An old-timey, lo-fi folk album showing off an artist with solid guitar chops, hypnotic harmonicas, dark & brooding lyrics, with lyrics akin to the stories cowboys tell around a

Silas J Dirge: Tales of Woe



Check Silas Out At: silasjdirge.com

Listen to the album here

What a weird, hypnotic, spooky, murderous breath of fresh air this album is. Not even sure how I found it, but I loved it the millisecond the first note

Patty Pershayla: Oracle Bones


Check out Patty Pershayla at: pattypershayla.com

Take a listen here.

"Peace, love, and a crowbar" has served well as Patty Pershayla's elevator speech. Her music is a strange mix of slightly hippy folk with the grit and mischief of…