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DM Exclusive : Harry Pedigo  

Devil's Music is thrilled to release this exclusive, "you heard it here first" spotlight of Harry Pedigo's foot-stomping track 'The Devil's Going to Do it Again." This bone-raw track concocts the best of outlaw country, the gnarly naturalism of old Appalachia, the hell-fire-brimstone of pentecostal hymns, and the sinister undercurrent of black metal. The result is as thrilling as you'd expect. As Harry sings, "If this ain't country, you can kiss my ass."

Harry Pedigo is a dark country musician from southern Ohio.His debut album, "Dylan is Dead,"  was released by Appalachian Noise Records in 2020 and his sophomore release, "Deathlore," will be released through Road Rat Records on February 25th.


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The Crown Vics: Cheshire Moon  

The Crown Vics share firsthand about their creative process and their new video "Cheshire  Moon."

Conceived and written by drummer Steve Peer, The Crown Vics have talked about releasing the single "Cheshire Moon" for ages.  It took COVID-19 and the motivation of filmmaker Connor Petros to put endless band talk and Peer's vision into action. 

The album track was edited with the elimination of the brief drum solo and a verse to better accommodate the short attention span of viewers.  It was also agreed that there be no band members lip syncing the lyrics or pretending to be playing their instruments on an abandoned railroad track.  Honoring the tradition of the "muder ballad" and flipping the gender role was more valuable than showcasing the band this time around. 

After a few emails back and forth between Peer, Petros and actress Gabrielle Roos it was instantly decided, with no discussion, to meet the next sunny day and film the video. 

On the "next sunny day"  Petros and Peer met at Washington Junction in Hancock, Maine, walked the track and swiftly choreographed the 'one shot/no edit' 3 minute film, 

Roos arrived an hour later, on time and prepared to deconstruct the traditional murder ballad. As luck would have it, Roos arrived on the set with her young daughter and cooperative husband.  Both appear in the film.  Her daughter is the adorable "Flower Girl" and her husband drove the getaway pick-up truck.  Katina Stanwood, the other "Gravedigger" lurks in the background and "takes up the torch" of the grave digging shovel, symbolizing that women are no longer going to be victimized. 

The team did four takes, and Petros chose the first of the four. 

With all The Crown Vics shows canceled until further notice, the "Cheshire Moon" video tells fans that the band are chomping at the bit to get back in the studio and on the road.  Peer has written an albums worth of material and shared demo's for the band to chew on.  Like many artists currently in lockdown, you can count on The Crown Vics to explode on stage and on the airwaves in 2021. 

Here it is!



Jakob Drummond: Hannah 

Devil's Music is excited and honored to share a brand new track from one of our favorites: Jakob "Poukepse" Drummond.
His latest track "Hannah" has all the qualities Jakob is quickly becoming known for: solid songwriting, vivid storytelling, and his deep baritone vox. This trifecta helps the song cast a long, frightening, but riveting shadow. Spotify and Bandcamp below! Head to Bandcamp to financially support Jakob!


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Instagram: @Poukepse
Twitter: @Poukepse

The Devil's Rejects: Evil Juice 

Devil's Music is excited to share this exclusive new track from Italy's dark country band The Devil's Rejects.


The track is titled Evil Juice - feat. Donato Cherch. It's the band's 1st stand-alone single, dedicated to all people who are fighting for health and freedom in these difficult times. The Devil's Rejects are a band born out of "Sardinia's swamps."

It's a song as spooky as it is beautiful.

Recorded by The Devil's Rejects Feb 2020, 

Mixed by Emanuele Pusceddu Video & effects by Corrado Perria

Find out more about them throught these links. Enjoy the incredible video below.