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Silas J Dirge: Tales of Woe 



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What a weird, hypnotic, spooky, murderous breath of fresh air this album is. Not even sure how I found it, but I loved it the millisecond the first note played. Created by an artist in Amsterdam, this is lovely and melancholy album full of murder ballads, ghost stories, and strange love songs. Please, tell all of your friends about Silas J. Dirge. It is Cowboy Music for Stephen King fans.

Thumbs Up: Honestly, this is a perfect album. If Devil's Music assigned letter grades, it would get an A+ and that still wouldn't be good enough for this deeply rewarding album. The album's greatest success is how simple it all is, yet it is simplicity that creates a rich, nightmarish atmosphere that sticks with you long after it's over. It calls back greats like Marty Robbins and Hank Williams, but also could easily compete with contemporaries such as Colter Wall and Hank III. 

DM's Two Cents: Honestly, I just hope more people find out about it and Silas J. Dirge. Keep making music. This is a perfect album. 

Standout Tracks: The song "Reaper" is one of the best songs I've heard this year. It is as unsettling as it is beautiful. I wanted to cry and cheer as I listened. Also "Sirens of the Tar."


Ernie Clark & the Magnificent Bastards: Family Album 

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Hillbilly country, classic punk, lyrics with real bite telling stories that are equal parts fun, dark, depressing, and ridiculous. Listening to this feels like seeing Joey Ramone  at a honky-tonk,  then watching him leave with your true love. 

Thumbs Up: Tight musicianship all throughout but there's a rag-tag, human quality to it all. Mostly upbeat songs that cover love, death, getting your ass dumped, failed attempts at adulthood, drinking a lot, and God even shows up. 

DM's Two Cents: Boy, some slide guitar would sound good on half the songs here. Also, the first track opens with a chaotic barrage of instruments that smooths into a tight groove. You should do that type of thing more often!

Standout Tracks: "Hell of a View" is a perfect tune, with hints of Waylon and AC/DC. "The Tale of Rotten Johnny Reb" is fuckin' solid, too!